Great Steps

Our goal is to instill into our little ones that each one is making “Little steps towards greatness!”  We start by showing the love of Jesus in the way we care for each child that comes through our doors.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the kids area safe?

Yes, we make it a top priority to ensure your child is safe. All volunteers have passed a background check.
We also utilize a check-in/out system called KidCheck. CLICK HERE for more infomation on pre-registering your child.

What will my infant/toddler do while in Great Steps?

While in Great Steps, young hearts are taught about Jesus through songs of worship that are age appropriate. Toddlers eyes light up when we say "it's music time"! Little instruments in hand, with watchful eyes, they sing songs such as 'Jesus Loves Me', 'He's Got the Whole World in His Hands', and 'I've Got the Joy Joy Joy Down in My Heart'.

Can I leave my diaper bag?

All we need is one or two labeled diapers. We do not take diaper bags. Unless your child has a specific item that needs to be used on their blessed little bottoms, we provide the wipes. Please label any personal item that needs to be left.

What will my child eat?

Snack time is also provided. Simply bring your child's cup or bottle to check-in and label with the provided band in the Family Center. Infants will be given a bottle if you provide one. Snacks will only be given to infants if they have teeth or with parental consent.

If your child has a food allergy, please indicate so on your KidCheck account. It will then print on your child's name tag at check-in. A Family Center greeter would be happy to assist you to ensure that your child's allergy is printed on their name tag.

What do I do with my stroller or car seat?

We do not take a car seat unless the child is asleep in it. Space is limited for strollers, so we ask that you do not leave your stroller unless absolutely necessary. There is a small space just inside the Family Center entrance if the need arises.

How will you get ahold of me if a need arises?

Our nursery workers will do everything they can to ensure your child is happy, but we realize that each child adjusts differently to new surroundings. If your child is not adapting well without you, we will work with them as long as possilbe. If they are crying hard after 10 or 15 minutes and no amount of consoling is helping, we will be sure to contact you via text.

CLICK HERE for additional frequently asked questions about our children's ministries.



Great Steps is available:

Sunday Service at 10:30 am
Wednesday Service at 7 pm
in the Family Center

Ages 0-3 years


Where our babies are making “Little Steps Toward GREATNESS"!

“Direct my footsteps according to your Word; let no sin rule over me.” Psalm 119:133